Meghan (supermeghan) wrote in ftrama_icontest,

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Challenge 18 Winners

Well, this is also long overdue. Whoops. Apologies, once again.

First Place: by okobogee_icons

Second Place: by okobogee_icons

Third Place: by okobogee_icons

Mod's Choice: by raths_kitten

In addition, while this is mostly my fault for not posting reminders, too few people entered challenge 19 to warrant voting. There are enough individual icons for the voting system to work, but it doesn't seem right with only two people having participated. So, what do you guys think we should do? We can:
a) extend the challenge on top of the current one
b) let it go--that is, do not vote
c) make do with the icons already posted, and just vote for those
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