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Challenge 20

Uh, hi guys. Please stop throwing those rotten tomatoes at me, they don't smell very nice. I think gorthead and I should never, ever take breaks from posting here, because it seems we always take months to start up again. Unfortunately, we only take these breaks because usually we are gone and can't possible stick to the schedule, and we are already bad at that even with consistent Internet connections. You know how we pester you guys to enter icons every week? Well maybe you should start doing that for us when we leave and don't come back. Not that this is your fault. Anyhow, here is the challenge that has been sitting on my desktop since before most of you were born. Every cap's got a photograph in it, but you are not obligated to use the photograph itself for your icon, if you find fingers and Leela's cleavage more aesthetically pleasing. Some of you might, who am I to judge?

- Post as many icons per cap as you'd like
- Don't use or post your icons anywhere until voting is over
- Post entries with IMG SRC and URL
- Entries due by 9:00pm Friday of next week
- No holding grudges! Please!
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