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Heeere's the drill. gorthead and I are both fully aware that we suck at updating more than anyone on LJ, except for those emo kids who go on hiatus all the time. The point is, we feel kind of bad and think that we shouldn't be the ones in charge. We obviously can't handle it. So who would like to replace us? Be the mod, the Man? Come on, you know you want to!

Soon I will post the results of the last challenge, I swear. And feel free to point out anything else we've forgotten to post, and I'll try to take care of those things as well. Other than that, we are officially not posting until there is some news on the new moderator(s).

Have your résumés on my desk by tomorrow morning. And by that I mean comment on this entry at some time before May 1st if you want to be a mod. If you would like to co-mod, that works, just tell me that you would like to and with whom.
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