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Futurama Icontest

the hypno-toad would want you to

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Welcome to Futurama Icontest, an icon challenge for the TV show Futurama! Join, enter, vote, and enjoy yourself! Please read the rules to figure out what do to/how this works. :)

1 A challenge entry will be posted with a cap (or several caps!) that you will then make an icon (or several icons!) out of. You may not use any images other than the one(s) provided.
2 Icons must fit LJ requirements: 100x100 pixels or less, 40kb or less, and in .gif, .jpg, or .png format.
3 Icons will be submitted as a comment on the challenge post. Comments will be screened.
4 When entering, please include the IMG SRC and URL of the icon, like this:

5 Don't post your entries anywhere until after the contest is over; we want all entries to remain anonymous.
6 Challenge-specific info (how many icons you can enter, whether there's a theme, etc.) will be posted along with the cap(s).

1 Voting will be done in the comments of the voting post. You will post your top three icons in order, like this:
Voting is weighted (that is, the icon you vote for first place gets 3 points, second place gets 2 points, third place gets 1 point), so order does matter.
2 Don't vote for an icon just because your friend made it (not that you know, of course, since icons are all anonymous, right?)
3 Don't vote for your own icon(s).

Other Info
1 If you want to use an icon in the challenge, say so in a separate comment on the voting post, and it will be unscreened. After voting is over, whoever made it will let you know if you can, how they want to be credited, etc. Please don't just take icons.
2 You do not have to make icons to join; you can join just to vote if you want!
3 Only we, the mods (gorthead and supermeghan) have posting access; please don't request it, you don't need it to participate.

Sunday: New challenge posted.
Friday: Icons due around 9PM EST.
Saturday - Sunday: Voting.


If you own any sort of icontest or Futurama community and would like to be affiliates, please comment!